Week 1: Lights, Camera, Action

Those of you who have read my “Interning with the ARUMC” blog know that my first week with the Arkansas Conference was a whirlwind of activity, and my work with the Mountain Sky Area was no different. And you know that’s exactly how I like it.


  • Video production
  • Video production
  • Did I mention video production?
  • Production of videos

With this week’s work, a significant focus has been placed on preparing for the 2017 Yellowstone Annual Conference that takes place this upcoming week in Billings, MT. However, that’s actually meant that my work has been focused more on preparing materials to showcase the joint Rocky Mountain/Yellowstone Annual Conference in 2018, including a video trailer to introduce the annual conference to both conferences.

To be honest, I think that the video, which is in its final stages of revision, turned out really well considering that I’ve only spent Tuesday through Friday on it. Not only that, but I was actually working on up to three different videos or presentations at one point, so there was never a dull moment with nothing to do while a video was rendering or anything like that.


And honestly, that’s been the entirety of my work this week. Considering how long it’s been since I’ve gotten to do any serious video editing, I’ve certainly welcomed it alongside the challenge of preparing them as quickly as I can. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed working alongside everyone from the Rocky Mountain Conference (where my work is officially taking place) and I look forward to the Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain Annual Conferences and what I’ll be preparing for them!

Until next time,


  • This week’s pizzeria: Jimano’s Pizzeria in Englewood, CO
  • Trips taken on The Ride (RTD): approximately 17 (including transfers)
  • Music I listened to while writing this: Waiting on a Song by Dan Auerbach

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