Week 2: Piece by Piece

So, I haven’t intended for my post titles so far to be based on common English phrases, but here we are. (Besides, they’re accurate!)


  • Video production wrap-up
  • Social media management
  • Lots of moving stuff around
  • All sorts of audiovisual stuff

This week was certainly centered around preparation for the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference 2017 (#RMAC17), and whereas last week was centered around video production, this week has been all about two things really: audiovisual equipment and social media.

As part of my duties, I’ve actually been helping out with the Yellowstone Annual Conference by crossposting images from Facebook to the all-new Mountain Sky Area Instagram (@mtnskyumc)! As someone who usually (probably) stays the most active on Instagram out of all of their social media accounts, this has actually been quite fun, and I’m really looking forward to where the account goes after both #YAC17 and #RMAC17.

As for the audiovisual aspect of my week, well, that’s where things get interesting. As part of my work this week, I’ve been going through the storage closets at the Rocky Mountain Conference and piecing together all of the AV equipment that has come from a variety of sources into kits to be used in rooms that requested AV (such as a microphone + mixer kit). That work has really paid off, as this year the Annual Conference will be doing a considerable amount of in-house AV rather than contracting it out.

And there you have it! This week has been a bit of a blur, but next week will be even more so with #RMAC17. So here’s to next week’s work!

Until next time,


  • This week’s pizzeria: The Garlic Knot in Denver, CO
  • Trips taken on The Ride (RTD): no idea, but I definitely got lost at least once
  • Music I listened to while writing this: Ti Amo by Phoenix
  • Number of deals I’ve gotten at the local Safeway: enough to make me want to campaign to bring them back to Arkansas

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