Week 0: An Introduction

Hello everyone! For those of you who don’t know, my name is Jacob Turner. I’m a soon to be sophomore/junior at Hendrix College, a Computer Science major and Film Studies minor, and a practicing United Methodist. That last point helps to connect right to the point of what this blog is about: starting next week, I will be interning with the Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church’s Center for Technology.

I consider this internship to be a fantastic opportunity to dive right into exploring my calling in non-profit and ministry-based technological work. And today was the start of that diving right in, as I went to the office today to meet the entire staff (minus the brave General Conference delegates) and to discuss a little about what I’ll be doing over the next months. And without spoiling too much, it’s going to be tons of fun. It’s work that is right up my alley, it’ll be with an amazing staff of people, and I cannot wait for Monday to get here (and believe me, you do NOT hear me say that often).

So what is this blog about, then?

Here, I’ll be covering three different objectives: my work progress for the week, how it relates to my calling, and how my Computer Science/Film Studies knowledge plays into it all. In addition, it’ll also kinda unintentionally serve as a look into the behind-the-scenes work of the Center for Technology and the Arkansas Conference offices as a whole. All of this should make for a blog that’s got something for everyone: updates for my friends and family, project updates for those curious and invested in said projects, and all sorts of information on Stacks, Queues, Heaps, and HashTables for my Computer Science professor! (And no, that’s not a joke, the last Computer Science class I took was on data structures so there will be that in here too.)

A special thanks goes out to the following people and organizations for making this all happen:

I look forward to sharing my experiences with the world!


Published by Jacob Turner

An individual passionate about exploring and further developing efforts at the intersection of the areas of technology, knowledge, research, and accessibility to better lives and the world.

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