The MainTrack Annual New Year’s Recap for 2018: United Methodist Church

NOTE: To see the most recent version of the data that I’ve been collecting (and reference in this post), please click here. As is my New Year’s tradition, it’s time to recap the social media data that I’ve collected over the 2018 calendar year! This year, I’ll be making two posts, one for the UnitedContinue reading “The MainTrack Annual New Year’s Recap for 2018: United Methodist Church”

Let’s Talk About Youth, Social Media, and the United Methodist and Episcopal Churches

In the wake of my analysis of UMC annual conferences and TEC dioceses, I’ve been working to compile one brand new spreadsheet (and massively update another) to collect social media data on annual conference/diocesan youth organizations across the United States. Titled “The United Methodist Church in the US – Social Media Presence (Youth)” and “The EpiscopalContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Youth, Social Media, and the United Methodist and Episcopal Churches”

Why Do I Analyze Data From Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

One of the questions that I’ve gotten the most after my latest post is why I choose to focus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when talking about the best ways that annual conferences or dioceses can engage with social media. I recognize that this is a very fair question to pose, given two key pointsContinue reading “Why Do I Analyze Data From Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?”

A (Slightly) Longer New Year’s Analysis

EDIT: To see the most recent version of the data that I’ve been collecting (and reference in this post), please click here. For around a year and a half now, I’ve been collecting social media statistics on United Methodist conferences to see the sort of outreach and growth that conferences were experiencing on social mediaContinue reading “A (Slightly) Longer New Year’s Analysis”

UMTOOS and UMTracker: Where Have They Been?

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely coming from one of the UMTracker accounts that have been incredibly quiet lately, and that’s honestly just because of school. I haven’t had the time to write like I had wanted to, plus college just got incredibly busy for me. However! I do have some updates that IContinue reading “UMTOOS and UMTracker: Where Have They Been?”

Where Regnat Populus Meets E Pluribus Unum

Regnat Populus: the people rule. E Pluribus Unum: out of many, one. This past week, I have had the amazing opportunity to be a part of a group of young adults from the Arkansas Conference who went to Washington, DC to participate in the United Methodist Seminar program sponsored by the General Board of ChurchContinue reading “Where Regnat Populus Meets E Pluribus Unum”

View from the Mountain Sky: An Odyssey Experience

As you may know, I have had quite the wild ride these past eight months. I went from a Computer Science student not sure of his career path to a Religious Studies student with a plan to become an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church as a communicator and technological advocate and educator, andContinue reading “View from the Mountain Sky: An Odyssey Experience”

Short Update, With A Lot More Data

As some of you may have noticed, I did not post anything last week, and this week’s post won’t be too terribly long. However, what I do have to share this week is my second set of social media data, which will now be publicly available starting today! Not only that, but this data focusesContinue reading “Short Update, With A Lot More Data”

Emoji Are 👌 For Communicating (Just Don’t Overdo It!)

Emoji: once a Japan-exclusive addition to text messaging, emoji have now become a universal method of communication that people from all generations have picked up on. These little pictures are now standard on smartphones, and they’ve even made their way onto desktops and laptops. Not only that, they’ve also become an easy way to shorthandContinue reading “Emoji Are 👌 For Communicating (Just Don’t Overdo It!)”

A Short Update On Everything

Hello, everyone! As you may have seen, the posts have lightened up a little bit recently, due to my return to Hendrix for the Spring 2017 semester. However, I’m not letting that stop me from writing on here, and in fact, I’ve got a few updates! Thanks to a new program that I’ve written (calledContinue reading “A Short Update On Everything”