Week 6: What’s Old Is New Again

Lots of computer repair, and the last of the tape digitization.

So, its finally happened. After a few weeks of working at it, I have finally digitized the entirety of the tape and CD/DVD collection here at the Rocky Mountain Conference office. And the final numbers are:

  • Content spans close to 11 years total
  • Over 8 days worth of video footage alone
  • 108 gigabytes worth of broadcast archive-quality content

So yeah, that’s why it took a few weeks.

The other project that I’ve been working on this week involves a couple of old, unused laptops. They had just been sitting around the conference office not being used, and so I was asked if I would like to take a shot at fixing them up for groups and churches to borrow when they need one. I said sure, and hopefully before this time next week I will have 4 new computers to put on the borrowing shelf in the office.

Until next time,


  • This week’s pizzeria: Fat Sully’s Pizza in Denver, CO
  • Trips taken on The Ride (RTD): a whole number
  • Music I listened to while writing this: Dopamine by BØRNS

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An individual passionate about exploring and further developing efforts at the intersection of the areas of technology, knowledge, research, and accessibility to better lives and the world.

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