Week 11: One (Week) More

IN THIS WEEK’S POST: The Les Misérables reference is actually very fitting here for this next-to-last week.

Well, it’s all starting to wind down. This week marks my next-to-last week, as previously mentioned. With last week’s big reveal, this week has been mostly tying up loose ends and finishing up projects.

Progress on launching the new mobile app is coming along, with the last hurdle being Apple’s approval of our developer account (which is taking longer than we’d like, but that’s just Apple for you). However, I’d like to share some more work-in-progress screenshots for the app:

Again, these are very much subject to change, but it’s getting closer to my original vision, and there will be more tweaks as the Center for Technology takes over the project here in a couple of weeks.

Work has also been done on the REcharge Initiative front, as we are getting closer and closer to delivering the first pieces of equipment to local churches. More information and pictures will hopefully be available with next week’s post.

Other than that, it’s been a little quiet around the office. But I’m sure that’ll be different next week. Again, to (badly) quote Les Mis,

[Next week] we’ll discover
What our God in Heaven has in store!
[Five] more dawn[s]
One more [week]
One [week] more!

Until next time,

BONUS: Some pictures of some old tapes and CDs discovered in the office!

IMG_20160712_154349 IMG_20160712_154411

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