Week 9: The Week I (Almost) Forgot To Blog

IN THIS WEEK’S POST: So much has happened in the Conference office that I got very side-tracked.

Well, once again I feel like I’m not going to be sharing as much as I have been as far as the actual work of my internship is concerned. But that really and truly isn’t for a lack of things going on, it’s just a lot of what I have to share is so preliminary that it would be very premature to share it. However, what I’ve done this week also kinda takes a backseat to what has been happening in the Conference Office as a whole.

This past week, a big meeting called the Jurisdictional Conference has been taking place. Now, this is the last of all of the United Methodist conferences for the year (they all happen at once, every four years), but it’s just as important as the others, for one simple reason: they determine who is a bishop, and where, for a four-year period. Now, bishops are important in the United Methodist Church. They are not just the spiritual leaders of¬†a¬†conference, but also the administrative heads, determining the trajectory of the conference and stuff like that. So as you can imagine, it was fantastic for us to hear that Bishop Gary Mueller had been reassigned to us for the next four years.

However, the week was not without its bad news. Two of our Conference employees, Amy Forbus (editor for the Arkansas United Methodist) and Martha Taylor (our Director of Communications) were involved in a car accident on their way to Jurisdictional Conference. It was a very scary moment when the news was broken to us, not just for the severity of the accident but because of the tight-knit nature of the Conference staff. Our thoughts and prayers were, and are still now, with them as they recover and recuperate.

And those two things are really what consumed this whole week. Again, there is still a whole bunch of new things coming down the pipeline, and soon I hope to share what this image is all about:

It's almost ready!
It’s almost ready!

Until next time,

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