Week 4½: The Whirlwind Before The Storm

IN THIS WEEK’S POST: There is no calm before Annual Conference.

I’m going to be perfectly, 100% honest with you: this half week before Annual Conference has been the most stressful week of them all when it comes to my internship.

And I have absolutely loved every minute of it.

I personally feel like I do well under a reasonable amount of pressure and stress, as it serves as a very effective motivator while not making me feel overwhelmed. And Annual Conference has provided just the right amount for me.

This week has been all about polishing and polishing. Tons of stuff has come together in the past few days, but they’ve all been things that have been easy to insert and pull together. Actually, the fun part of my week has been today when I completely upgraded the software I used to make all of the presentation materials in, because of some file conflicts. But even that was smooth sailing (albeit with a small monetary cost). So all in all, that’s been pretty nice to not have any major, irresolvable hiccups.

And honestly, that’s been my week. I’m posting this today because Annual Conference needs to be one, cohesive post in itself. So next update will be much longer and better!

Although now I'm official!
Although now I’m official!

Until next time,

BONUS: The new Arkansas Conference selfie stick.

And no, I'm not kidding.
And no, I’m not kidding.

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