Week 2: Short Week, Long List of Things

IN THIS WEEK’S POST: everyone is back in town, I become the “second-newest” person in the office, and 110-ish pounds of server equipment; all before Thursday afternoon. All of this, and more…


  • Attended a staff meeting
  • More Annual Conference 2016 prep
  • Server management and (physical/electronic) cleanup
  • Backup management planning

This week was definitely a short one, as I had a KHDX meeting on Thursday afternoon and Summer Move-In Day today. (So technically, I could’ve written this yesterday, but really why would I want to mess up a perfectly good schedule?) But I still found ways to make the most of this week!

But before we begin this week’s recap, I need to take a moment and talk about everyone that I work with. They are some of the best, brightest, and kindest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet, but beyond that, they have been very quick to accept me as a member of their team and actually get me involved in everything. And I want to be perfectly honest, this is one of the biggest reasons that it has incredibly easy to make sure I’m in Little Rock every Monday through Friday at 8:30 each morning. So to them, I owe a big thank you.

And so what it this work that I’m doing for them? Well, I’m still in the process of Annual Conference 2016 preparations, with videos and worship presentation development and all. And with everyone back in town now that General Conference is over, it’s DEFINITELY going to pick up the pace and intensity at which work proceeds on that. But I’ve also been able to help out with some more infrastructure-related jobs this week. For example:

Not pictured: an even bigger, heavier computer.
Not pictured: an even bigger, heavier computer.

I spent around two and a half hours Wednesday afternoon removing old server equipment that was taking up a lot of room. And not only were they taking up room, they were generating tons of heat, which was bad for all of the hard drives in there (including a backup system previously installed in there that I have wiped and primed for use as an internal backup space). So after removing around 110 pounds of equipment, the server room started to look a bit more like this:

It may not be spotless but it's definitely a thousand degrees cooler.
It may not be spotless but it’s definitely a thousand degrees cooler.

Beyond servers and equipment, though, I also got to meet our newest staff member in the office, Jim Polk. We actually did get to meet and all, because he helped me move some of that previously-mentioned server equipment. I look forward to working with him, even for just a month or two, as he becomes the new Assistant to the Bishop at Annual Conference 2016.

And that’s all for this week! Stay tuned for (hopefully) some big developments in the way of resources for local churches, as well as some website fun and other cool projects that I will be working on and putting together in the coming weeks and months!

Until next time,

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