Week 5: A Bit More of the Same

I wasn’t kidding about what I said last week.

As I expected from last week, this week was more and more video work, which, I have very much enjoyed since it’s been years since I’ve gotten to do this level of work with video post-production, something that used to be a hobby of mine. But by Tuesday, that work had reached completion (for now).

However, the video archival project continued on, and work on it has been going incredibly well. I’ve found that several disks weren’t working like they were supposed to be, or the disks were never finalized, meaning that they had to be copied to the computer using special disk analysis software before it could be converted into a more accessible video format. Both of those did give some additional significance to the project, and combined with the work being put in to make these videos as truly archival ready as possible, it has actually been what most of my time has been spent on this week.

However, next week should bring a conclusion to that as well, as well as more new projects as people come back from their vacations. So stay tuned!

Until next time,


  • This week’s pizzeria: Denver Pizza Company in Denver, CO
  • Trips taken on The Ride (RTD): I’ve stopped keeping track
  • Music I listened to while writing this: the “Feel-Good Alternative” station on Google Play Music

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